MK Frisby

Mary Frisby (MK) is a freelance illustrator and concept artist living in Austin, Texas.  Despite a strong interest in art throughout grade school, MK was initially discouraged from pursuing art as a career, so they attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in German Language.  While they did not pursue a degree in art, art courses helped broaden thier horizons.  They began to focus on freelance commission work to start exploring concept art and world building.  As a freelancer, MK has had an opportunity to work with a variety of different clients with unique needs on projects ranging from character sheets and full illustrations, to designing original creature concepts, mascot characters, and illogical hybrids.  Since graduating, MK has continued working with clients online, as well as in person while selling art at conventions in the Artist Alley and in art shows.  Though without formal training at an art school, MK has gained experience from learning new skills through personal exploration, and through working with individual clients. Their freelance work has led to stylistic flexibility and an ability to pick up new techniques on the fly. 

resume available upon request